DreamHost: An Independent in a Corporate Hosting Industry

DreamHost: An Independent in a Corporate Hosting Industry

For over 25 years, DreamHost has remained a privately owned organization, and we have delivered what are truly independent web hosting services.

During these years, many other hosts have come, have grown, and eventually have sold out or merged with other players. But not us! We have dedicated ourselves to remaining independent and to ensuring that independence is best for our customers and for those who work for us.

Freedom to Innovate: The Benefits of Independent Hosting

You see, being independent has its benefits. It means we can select the best partners for our hosting services, from the best hardware through to the best software without being influenced by external forces.

At DreamHost, what we like to do is look at the whole of the market when selecting who we work with and use. We don’t have a parent company dictating our partnerships or limiting our services to benefit the other hosting brands it offers. 

We also like to develop things in-house, which means we can deliver a very customized and bespoke service to our customers — not something that has been created for everyone and for all brands within a group.

The Illusion of Choice: Corporately Owned Hosting Companies

Over these last 25 years, other hosts have either sold out to bigger hosts or merged with them. In the process, while they are still known by their original names, the hosting platforms they are on will be a shared one with other brands on it, and the service you are getting is the same but has been repackaged to fit their corporate offerings

That’s the cookie-cutter approach where everything in the back end will be the same other than the name, logo, and color scheme! This also means that if you leave them and join another host, you could end up being with the company again, albeit with a different brand name!

With an independent host like DreamHost, you are getting hosting that has been created to give you the best in class, one where our only focus is delivering the best possible service and experience for the customer.

Customers First: The Heart of Our Hosting

We want our customers to use our hosting in the knowledge that everything we have done starts with the customer first and that the decisions we make to enhance and improve our services are focused on customer needs.

Being independent allows us to do this without interference and without any compromises, and that’s how we have been doing things for over 25 years and how we intend on keeping it that way!