Glenn McDaniel Arts Wins Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition Giveaway from DreamHost

Glenn McDaniel Arts Wins Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition Giveaway from DreamHost is a website dedicated to selling and showcasing artwork created by Glenn McDaniel through his namesake business, Glenn McDaniel Arts. McDaniel is known for his colorful and intricate designs, which are inspired by a variety of sources, including nature, mythology, pop culture, “Buddhism, peace, and love.” He also brings the people and places around him, as well as his own life experiences, into his art.

Glenn McDaniel was born and raised in Southern California. As a child, he was attracted to art and spent much of his free time drawing and painting. He later attended the California College of the Arts, where he honed his skills and developed a unique style that combines traditional painting techniques with modern digital tools.

After college, McDaniel began working as a freelance artist, creating artwork for a variety of clients, including book publishers, game developers, and advertising agencies. He quickly gained a reputation for his creativity and attention to detail, and his work began to appear in a variety of publications and media outlets.

In 2016, McDaniel launched as a way to showcase his artwork and sell it directly to consumers. He created the site himself after educating himself on the most-used site design methods of the time. After feeling like he was falling “behind the curve” in keeping pace with the ever-advanced technical aspects of site management, however, he no longer had time to maintain it.

When he won a site redesign by DreamHost’s Pro Services team in the first-ever Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition giveaway in October 2022, he savored the opportunity for a zesty rebuild of his online home.

“I was really excited because I have been handling my website design for years, and I was eager to have a website that is professionally created,” he said.

McDaniel’s expectations throughout the redesign process were met in spades.

“I found the Pro Team to be exceptional,” he said. “They listened carefully to what I wanted my website to become, and they were very patient because some of the text I sent was copied from the [original Adobe Express] webpage I created and the formatting wasn’t ideal. The Pro Team blew my mind with the product [that] was delivered.”

He added that his site redesign instructions and ideas submitted to Pro Services were conveyed via email, a process he said allowed for clarity of intention.

“I never had the impression my instructions were not understood, and the resulting design was spot-on,” he said.

He also hopes the redesigned site will increase his sales and grow his audience.

“I consider traffic to be the best measure of a website’s success. I am confident that future visitors will feel they are dealing with a reputable and professional company,” he said.

The eye-popping artwork showcased on the redesigned is diverse and ranges from traditional oil paintings to digital illustrations. His artwork often features intricate patterns and designs, which are carefully crafted to create a sense of movement and depth.

Whether you’re an art lover, a collector, or just looking for a piece to hang on your wall that’s sure to become a conversation starter, is definitely worth checking out.

Based on McDaniel’s experience working with DreamHost’s Pro Services team on his new site, he encourages other business owners who are considering whether to update their sites to go for it.

“In my opinion, a modern website design is critical considering the competition,” he said. “My experience working with DreamHost Pros has been a great experience, and the team truly delivered a high-quality product. I would tell anyone considering a website redesign to get on with it.”

But when it comes to keeping his new site’s design and functionality up-to-date and fresh? What then?

“Well, it will be a challenge. I am a one-person operation with limited capital, but I know I will reach out to the DreamHost Pros first!”

For more about Glenn McDaniel Arts, view its DreamHost-redesigned site here.