Panel Updates: “Manage Websites” Enhancements 2.0

Panel Updates: “Manage Websites” Enhancements 2.0

As promised in previous announcements, we’ve continued to spend a significant amount of time refining and improving the panel’s central hub for managing all things websites: “Manage Websites.” Based on direct customer feedback, we’ve made a number of exciting new improvements to this experience in the first quarter of 2024. This latest round of enhancements includes the following features:

A Reimagined “Manage Websites” List View

A new, modernized “Manage Websites” list view aligns with our latest design principles and is packed with essential information, providing a bird’s-eye view of the status of each domain on your DreamHost account. Now, you can easily:

  • Stay ahead of domain expiration dates with enhanced visibility of renewal dates.
  • View the hosting plan and server associated with each of your domains/websites.
  • View a list of domains or websites categorized by their “Hosted” and “Non-Hosted” status for easier management. 
  • Sort domains based on a variety of new criteria (e.g., Newest, Oldest, Alphabetical) and filter by Domain, Server, or Plan type. 
  • Instantly identify the SSL certificate status as secure or insecure for each domain.
  • View all active and available premium add-ons for each domain.

Faster Panel Speeds for Greater Efficiency

Several backend improvements have been implemented to accelerate major tasks, enhancing the “Manage Websites” experience with increased speed and efficiency.

These updates also feature improved progress bars that accurately indicate when errors occur, along with enhancements that facilitate easier access to different parts of the page while other tasks are underway.

Additional Features for Added Flexibility

Adding a new website via “Manage Websites”  is now more flexible than ever. Now you can:

  • Select SFTP/SSH users for new sites. 
  • Redirect a domain name’s web traffic to an IP address.

You can explore the changes on “Manage Websites” now!  Or, if you’re new to DreamHost, sign up for a hosting account today! 

By continuing to focus on “Manage Websites” improvements, we aim to streamline your DreamHost experience and make managing your digital presence easier than ever. We hope you find these enhancements useful. As always, thank you for the feedback and, please, keep it coming!