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DreamHost Adds Git Support on All DreamPress Accounts

DreamHost Adds Git Support on All DreamPress Accounts

Managed WordPress Hosting service adds popular version control tool

LOS ANGELES, California—October 4, 2016—DreamHost®, a leader in web hosting and cloud services for WordPress users worldwide, has today announced that Git – the version control system used extensively in software development – is now available to all users of DreamPress, its managed WordPress hosting service.

Git is today the most popular open source version control system used to develop web applications and custom websites. Git is hugely popular with WordPress theme and plugin developers, as it lets them track changes made to their code during the development process. Git’s distributed nature allows WordPress developers worldwide to collaborate on projects without overstepping each other’s changes. Git has also proven useful for developing child themes – customizations not affected by updates from the primary theme developer.

DreamPress delivers a high caliber managed WordPress experience featuring easy onboarding and simplified management of WordPress websites for which availability and performance is paramount. Adding Git to DreamPress’ long-standing support of Secure Shell Access (SSH) and WP-CLI, the open WordPress command line interface, makes DreamPress an ideal development environment for WordPress theme and plugin developers. WordPress site owners also gain a new tool easily to manage their child theme customizations.

DreamPress recently earned Top Tier status in Review Signal’s 2016 Managed WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark demonstrating its ability to support high traffic websites.

“Git is an ideal solution for WordPress web developers and web designers who build websites for their customers,” said Mark Calkins, DreamPress’ Product Director. “It makes it significantly easier to manage customizations and track development tasks performed on websites, and we’re thrilled to offer it as a standard feature with DreamPress.”

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