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DreamHost Announces General Availability of DreamCompute

DreamHost Announces General Availability of DreamCompute

Compute-on-demand resource launches for real this time – better than ever!

LOS ANGELES, CA—January 20, 2016—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, today announced the general availability of DreamCompute, its open source, OpenStack-, Astara- and Ceph-powered cloud computing service.

Available in limited beta release since early 2014, DreamCompute is now ready for any and all developers, builders, and entrepreneurs to launch their web-based dreams — from high performance applications to mobile and gaming apps to digital media to e-commerce storefronts.

DreamCompute offers customers a highly scalable, highly secure open source cloud computing service that’s been slow-cooked to perfection. The public cloud platform goes beyond VPS to offer full root access, easy accessibility to powerful OpenStack APIs, and the freedom to choose an operating system. Customers can now pay only for what they use, but with a maximum payment cap per month. DreamCompute is now the most predictably-priced elastic cloud computing resource on the Internet!

“Fresh for the GA, we’ve built DreamCompute’s new US-East cluster from the ground up for performance and reliability,” said Jonathan LaCour, VP, Cloud, DreamHost. “We’re talking lightning-fast Intel processors, hardware-accelerated virtual networking, and all-SSD storage. We’ve doubled the performance of DreamCompute’s beta environment and done it all using purely open source components.”

DreamHost has plenty of familiarity with the open source technologies utilized by DreamCompute. After all, it helped develop them. “DreamHost’s open source pedigree set the table for DreamCompute’s development,” said Stefano Maffulli, Director of Cloud Marketing and Community, DreamHost. “Ceph, the massively scalable storage system that helps power DreamHost, was developed at DreamHost. Same with Project Astara for network orchestration. And DreamHost is one of the founding members of the OpenStack Foundation, is a very early adopter of OpenStack, and continues to be a significant contributor to the OpenStack codebase.We’re also proud that DreamCompute has just been named a finalist for OpenStack’s Superuser Awards.”

“Throughout its beta, DreamCompute enabled us to lower our total cost of ownership compared to our previous cloud stack,” said Ben Duncan, CTO, atmail. “But it hasn’t just been price. Our business powers millions of mailboxes worldwide, and with more and more organizations moving email to the cloud, DreamCompute gives us a scalable platform to host atmail for our customers. On-boarding new customers to the cloud has never been easier, and performance is superb. We’ve been extremely happy throughout DreamCompute’s beta period and are excited with what’s new in the GA release!”

New with the GA of DreamCompute is a predictable billing model, aptly called Predictable Bill. The billing structure mixes the best of pay-as-you-go billing and predictable monthly plans, optimizing customers’ infrastructure costs by ensuring they pay only for what they use. “You’re charged only for the resources you use and we cap the total to 25 days per month,” said Justin Lund, Cloud Product Manager, DreamHost. “If you have a virtual server running for longer than 25 days in a month, the rest of the month is on us!”

DreamCompute was a years-in-the-making effort and DreamHost is proud to be able to finally swing its doors open wide as it spreads the power of the open cloud to a world that sorely needs it. Extensive DreamCompute Documentation joins the party with today’s announcement, living at DreamHost Cloud Servers

New customers can sign up today for DreamCompute with Predictable Bill to see what the newly upgraded, high performance architecture is all about.

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