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DreamHost Expands Pricing Discounts to Nonprofit Groups

DreamHost Expands Pricing Discounts to Nonprofit Groups

Managed WordPress Hosting Service Now Offers 501(c)(3) Organizations a New Lifetime Discount

LOS ANGELES, California—September 27th, 2016-DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for WordPress users worldwide, has today announced that verified 501(c)(3) organizations can now take advantage of lifetime-of-service discounts on DreamPress, its award-winning managed WordPress hosting service.

For over a decade DreamHost has provided free, managed web hosting accounts to nonprofit organizations. While shared web hosting is more than enough for the thousands of nonprofit groups that choose to call DreamHost home, many find themselves outgrowing the service as their organizations mature and their technical needs grow.

“We see it happen quite often — nonprofits outgrow their shared hosting accounts and hold back on upgrading due to cost,” said John Robison, Product Manager of DreamPress. “We hope to help nonprofits get the performance and scalability they need by offering this discount on DreamPress. We’re eager to give back, especially at this time of the year!”

Nonprofits now have access to the best DreamPress discount available. They can get a DreamPress instance for $12.95 per month when billed annually, or $14.95 per month when billed monthly. The discount is valid for the life of the service.

DreamPress brings a truly custom-built WordPress hosting environment to DreamHost’s suite of services. Built from the ground-up to deliver the absolute best WordPress experience, DreamPress brings server-level caching, distributed database access, and enables HTTPS encryption by default for growing sites that need the power and reliability of an experienced services provider behind them.

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