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DreamHost Launches Fully Integrated Support for HTTP/2

DreamHost Launches Fully Integrated Support for HTTP/2

Meet a more civilized transport protocol for the modern web

LOS ANGELES, California-May 25th, 2016-DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, has today announced support for version 2.0 of the Hypertext Transport Protocol, also known as HTTP/2.

DreamHost customers can now enable HTTP/2 for any or all of their sites with the click of a single checkbox within their account control panels at no extra charge. Ratified in mid-2015, HTTP/2 was designed to take into account the nature of the modern web: media-heavy websites, multiplexed connections to serve content distributed across servers, and users sensitive to the issue of plaintext, unencrypted web traffic.

While usage for HTTP/1.1 remains the default setting at DreamHost, HTTP/2 is today available to all DreamHost customers with managed virtual private servers or managed dedicated servers running the Nginx web server. Support for Apache is planned for the future. Support for HTTP/2 in Nginx is designed to work seamlessly alongside HTTP/1.1 connections, albeit only for secure (HTTPS) sites.

“We’re thrilled to support HTTP/2 at DreamHost,” said Brett Dunst, VP of Marketing, Hosting. “Our users have petitioned us since its inception last year to bring it to our platform, and we were excited to make it happen. Paired with our integrated support for Let’s Encrypt’s free TLS secure certificates, HTTP/2 ensures that our customer’s website data is secure, safe, and optimized for quick and efficient transfer across the internet.”

HTTP/2 is the next step forward in the web’s evolution, and the first major update to HTTP in nearly fifteen years. DreamHost is super pumped to be on the forefront of this next phase of web delivery.

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