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DreamHost Launches Fully Integrated Support for Let’s Encrypt Project

DreamHost Launches Fully Integrated Support for Let’s Encrypt Project

Tight integration for ease of use designed with users in mind

LOS ANGELES, CA—January 20, 2016—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, has today brought full, tightly-integrated support for the Let’s Encrypt project to every customer on its managed hosting platform. DreamHost customers can now enable end-to-end HTTPS encryption for any or all of their sites with the click of a single checkbox within their account control panels at no extra charge.

DreamHost first announced plans to support Let’s Encrypt on its blog in early December when Let’s Encrypt certificates first became publicly available. While these certificates were fully functional when used with DreamHost accounts, implementation required a bit of legwork on the part of DreamHost users to generate and then attach those certificates to their domains. Today’s launch of single-click Let’s Encrypt integration ensures that these free secure certificates will be attached to user accounts within a matter of minutes, and that those certificates will then be automatically renewed indefinitely.

DreamHost’s strong support of user encryption comes in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations exposing surveillance of Internet traffic en masse by governments and a variety of bad actors around the world. The simple truth is that unencrypted web traffic allows anyone to snoop on data that doesn’t belong to them, and both DreamHost and Let’s Encrypt believe that the web deserves better.

“DreamHost believes strongly that our users’ private data should remain private,” said Brett Dunst, DreamHost’s VP of Brand & Community. “Every Internet user, site owner or otherwise, should have a reasonable expectation that their interactions with a website won’t be surreptitiously monitored by a third party – ever.”

While the free certificates generated by the Let’s Encrypt project are functionally equivalent to certificates issued by other parties, DreamHost will continue to offer paid SSL certificates as an option to those users who request them.

Encryption on the web should be considered a basic right. When barriers like cost and complexity-of-implementation are removed, the web at large can only benefit. DreamHost is proud to support Let’s Encrypt, and hopes that its users will choose to embrace free, easy-to-use web encryption.

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