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DreamHost Launches Improved Email Experience for All Customers

DreamHost Launches Improved Email Experience for All Customers

Partners with atmail and Vade Secure to deliver a comprehensive email platform

LOS ANGELES, California—September 29th, 2016-DreamHost®, a leader in web hosting and cloud services for WordPress users worldwide, announced today across-the-board email improvements for users of its managed hosting service.

DreamHost has partnered with atmail to provide a world-class ad-free webmail experience that keeps full control of its users’ email within their DreamHost accounts – without having to export their data to a third party.

atmail brings a supremely powerful, lightning-fast, web-based mail client with a strong focus on the user experience. Wrapping an intuitive user interface around a comprehensive email client with simple drag-and-drop file management, using email has never been easier for DreamHost customers.

While open source webmail stalwarts SquirrelMail and Roundcube are no longer included by default with DreamHost accounts, users are free to download, install, and continue using them as they wish.

DreamHost has also engaged with Vade Secure to seamlessly deploy their advanced mail filtering and classification system for all email users. Vade Secure analyzes incoming email to filter out spam, scam messages, phishing attempts, viruses, and Trojan horses from customer inboxes. It instantly classifies graymail (newsletters, commercial email, and social network notifications) for easy filtering.

Vade Secure integrates directly with traditional email clients and with atmail’s web-based offering, ensuring a consistent, clean inbox experience across platforms.

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