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DreamHost Named to Orange County Register’s List of Top Workplaces for 2011

DreamHost Named to Orange County Register’s List of Top Workplaces for 2011

Orange County Web Host DreamHost Recognized for Doing Incredible Things for Incredible People

BREA, CA–(Marketwire – Dec 2, 2011) – DreamHost, a global full-service web hosting company, has today proudly announced its appointment to the Orange County Register’s list of Top Workplaces for 2011.

The Orange County Register, in association with independent survey firm Workplace Dynamics, surveyed thousands of employees from hundreds of companies of all sizes within Orange County, California, throughout 2011. Employees were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with such things as their take-home pay, company benefits, the inspiration they receive from managers, the meaningfulness of their work, the quality of catered meals, the attractiveness of their coworkers, the attitudes of their cleaning staff, and the décor of their offices. Some of those questions may not have actually appeared on the questionnaire, but maybe they should have.

2011 marks the second year that DreamHost has been named to the Orange County Register’s list of Top Workplaces. “Thih ih great new,” said Art Elizarov, DreamHost’s Vice President of Human Resources, struggling to speak around a mouthful of prime rib provided by one of DreamHost’s twice-weekly catered lunches. Raising his index finger in the air, Art continued, “Holllll on a sec.” This was followed by a dip of his head, an audible ‘gulp,’ and the delicate dabbing of a linen napkin at the corners of his mouth.

Continued Elizarov, “Okay, sorry. Like I was saying — This is great news. I’ve only been with DreamHost for a year and I can testify firsthand that this company, more than any I’ve ever been involved with, goes above and beyond to do right by its employees. As someone in the human resources industry I’ve seen it all, and I’m proud to be able to carry on the traditions of an organization that has managed to retain its fun ‘start-up’ feel 14 years into its lifetime.” Pausing to check his watch, Elizarov then asked “Can we wrap this up? The company gave me tickets to a hockey game that starts in 30 minutes.”

DreamHost’s commitment to democracy in the workplace is also a strong source of employee satisfaction and organizational pride. When employees at all levels of an organization feel that their opinions are heard, considered, and acted upon, they’re far more likely to excel in their work and in the company that they work for. It’s science.

“The DreamHost DNA is strong,” said CEO Simon Anderson. “I come in to the office every day to see happy people working hard and having fun. That’s no accident — we’ve made a conscious decision to invest a healthy amount of resources into our employees’ well-being. When you find good people you want to keep them around for as long as they’ll let you.” Stopping to consider the sea of contented employees seated around him at DreamHost’s Brea office, Anderson continued with a smile, “Look at them all. Happy employees are just so beautiful. They’ve got this mystical glowing aura around them. It’s blue. I can see it. What — you guys don’t see that? Seriously?”

DreamHost was a presenting sponsor of The Orange County Register’s Top Workplaces 2011 award ceremony the evening of December 1st, 2011. DreamHost employees spent the evening surrounded by other local business leaders thrilled to be in the company of greatness.

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