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DreamHost named to the 2017 WorldBlu List

DreamHost named to the 2017 WorldBlu List

Recognized as a Freedom-Centered Workplace for 10th consecutive year

LOS ANGELES, California — April 10, 2017 — DreamHost®, a leader in web hosting and cloud services for WordPress users worldwide, today announced its appointment to the WorldBlu list of freedom-centered, democratic workplaces for its tenth consecutive year.

The WorldBlu list recognizes organizations which have adopted practices of organizational democracy, empowering employees with policies that promote freedom at work, giving all workers a say in the way their companies are run.

DreamHost is one of only two dozen organizations to have been named to the 11th annual WorldBlu List of Freedom-Centered Workplaces in 2017.

“Ten years,” said Ed Wesley, DreamHost’s Senior Director of People. “It’s just a long time, you know?” Choking back tears he continued “We’ve always worked hard to treat our people like people, and being recognized by WorldBlu for doing right for an entire decade only makes us want to do it more.” Wesley paused to stare longingly out the window.
“God, I love people.”

Eight clearly defined core values influence all decisions made at DreamHost, each of which is designed to empower employees to contribute and participate. A commitment to a freedom-centered workplace ensures that all contributions are considered, valued, and regularly brought into the decision-making process at DreamHost.

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