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DreamHost Names Stefano Maffulli to Serve as Director, Cloud Marketing and Community

DreamHost Names Stefano Maffulli to Serve as Director, Cloud Marketing and Community

Maffulli to Bring Experience in Building Open-Source Communities to the DreamHost Cloud

LOS ANGELES, CA—June 23, 2015—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, has selected Stefano Maffulli to serve as its Director of Cloud Marketing and Community.

Stefano has a long professional history of building online communities, particularly within technical environments. Prior to his time at DreamHost Stefano spent nearly four years working within the OpenStack project as its Technical Community Manager, first within Rackspace, then later within the OpenStack Foundation itself.

DreamHost has invested deeply in the OpenStack project, by contributing to, building on, and supporting the platform. DreamCompute, DreamHost’s own public cloud, is powered by technology from OpenStack, Ceph, and Akanda. With over a thousand active users during its public beta period DreamCompute is poised to be an affordable, flexible, and high-performance cloud for developers, startups, and businesses of all sizes.

Stefano has joined DreamHost to support the expansion of both DreamCompute and the whole of DreamHost’s cloud services by engaging with the OpenStack community and with cloud developer communities around the world.

Stefano will report to Jonathan LaCour, Vice President of Cloud and Development, who is excited to work with Maffulli: “Stefano will help our customers to realize their dreams using DreamCompute, our public cloud built for developers by developers,” said LaCour when asked for comment. “We fully intend to leverage his experience with open source communities, and his suspiciously-detailed knowledge of Renaissance architecture will come in handy around holiday time because we all secretly love his country,” added LaCour.

“I am very excited to start sharing all of the great things DreamHost is doing with OpenStack for cloud developers in the larger development community. There is great technology behind the DreamCloud and I can’t wait to help developers take full advantage of it,” said Stefano Maffulli, adding “Yes, I will also help the team plan their holidays in Tuscany, but only if they will promise to go see the only real sword in the stone,” said Stefano, while starting a lecture about San Galgano.

“I just…I’m so excited to have Stefano here. I’ve waited weeks for this and now he’s here and this is amazing and I’ve just got all this energy! This is fantastic! I’m…I’m losing it!” LaCour then began finger-drumming across the edge of his desk before reaching the end and falling out of his chair.

“We designed DreamCompute to be the powerful and affordable OpenStack public cloud for developers, no matter how big or small the project or application,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “We’re humbled and honored to have Stefano Maffulli join our Dream team, and work with us on our vision for delivering the best open cloud for developers to innovate on worldwide.”

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