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DreamHost Pre-Installs Let’s Encrypt Certificates on all new DreamPress Accounts

DreamHost Pre-Installs Let’s Encrypt Certificates on all new DreamPress Accounts

Managed WordPress Hosting Service Adds Privacy and Improved SEO

LOS ANGELES, California—August 24th, 2016—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for small businesses, bloggers and web developers, has today announced that all new DreamPress hosting accounts will have a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate pre-setup for their domain.

Let’s Encrypt is an open and free certificate authority that issues TLS certificates to any domain on the Internet (TLS is the new name for SSL and stands for Transport Layer Security). Let’s Encrypt began issuing certificates towards the end of 2015.

Adding a Let’s Encrypt certificate to a domain gives a website the ability to encrypt all traffic between the web server and a website visitor’s browser. This is not only required for e-commerce, but has become important to protect the privacy of individuals. And a Let’s Encrypt certificate provides an extra benefit to the website owner by rewarding them with higher search engine rankings from Google and other search engine providers.

DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting service that delivers high performance, ease of getting started and simplified management to WordPress websites. Adding a Let’s Encrypt certificate to all new DreamPress accounts continues to deliver on the promise of making DreamPress a fully managed hosting service for WordPress that delivers speed and ease of use.

DreamPress is backed by 24/7 WordPress support from DreamHost’s award-winning technical support team. In addition, DreamHost was added to the recommended list of WordPress hosting service providers earlier this year.

“This is our next step in making the web a safer and better place,” said Brett Dunst, VP of Marketing, Hosting. “We take privacy and security very seriously at DreamHost. We will continue to deliver enhancements that add protection to both our website hosting customers and their site visitors.”

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