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DreamHost Teams With City Year to Facilitate Company-Wide Day of Service

DreamHost Teams With City Year to Facilitate Company-Wide Day of Service

Company Resources Temporarily Diverted in the Name of Community Service

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – Feb 24, 2012) – DreamHost, a global full-service web hosting company, has today launched its 2012 Day of Service — the first of its kind in the company’s fourteen years of operation. DreamHost has partnered with the Los Angeles chapter of City Year, an education-focused, non-profit organization that partners with public schools to help keep students on track to graduation.

On Friday, February 24th, over one third of DreamHost’s global workforce converged on Estrella Elementary School in South Los Angeles to engage in a number of campus beautification projects. City Year representatives worked with school administrators to identify areas of improvement across the campus and then coordinated and supervised DreamHost’s often comical efforts to carry out those enhancements. Projects included mural painting to encourage a college-going culture and positive school atmosphere.

For six hours school officials looked on in stunned silence as a sea of twenty- and thirty-something computer nerds bumbled their way through a series of relatively simple physical tasks requiring a minimal effort of physical exertion.

“How much longer do we have to do this?” whined Micah Sachs, Vice President of Systems Engineering, a mere ten seconds after painting the first arc of a rainbow on the side of a classroom wall. “Get back to work, Sachs!” barked CEO Simon Anderson. “We’ve only been at it for five minutes!” Micah then muttered something about the hot sun under his breath before turning to return to his work, inadvertently knocking over a gallon of paint with his fat foot, and summing up the entire situation aptly with a halfhearted “Oops.”

As the day wore on DreamHost employees dutifully performed their assigned tasks, providing an ample supply of hamfisted but well-intentioned labor to help move forward several much-needed beautification projects that City Year staff then ultimately repaired, cleaned up, and completed while working late into the night — several hours after DreamHost’s labor force had departed.

“City Year has been a blast to work with,” said DreamHost’s CEO Simon Anderson, “and I’m so proud of each and every one of our employees that have elected to be here today. They’re good people doing good work for a good cause. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

DreamHost expects to leave lasting marks on more schools throughout Southern California with City Year’s assistance in the years to come.

About DreamHost

DreamHost is a leading web hosting and cloud services provider with over 300,000 customers and 1.2 million domain names hosted worldwide. The company offers a wide spectrum of web hosting and cloud solutions including traditional Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, and Domain Name Registration. DreamHost is the principal sponsor of the Ceph open-source distributed storage system. Please visit for more information.

About City Year

City Year is an education-focused, nonprofit organization that partners with public schools to help keep students in school and on track to graduate. In communities across the United States and through two international affiliates, this innovative public-private partnership brings together teams of young AmeriCorps members who commit to a year of full-time service in schools. Corps members support students by focusing on attendance, behavior, and course performance through in-class tutoring, mentoring, and after school programs.

Founded in Boston in 1988, City Year has established programs in 23 US cities and international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England. City Year is a proud member of AmeriCorps.
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